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 Hard to describe my exact "condition" but acute social anxiety was the main one. I sought treatment as almost a last resort, I didn't really believe it would help me but wanted to try it so I wouldn't be left wondering "what if". Before the treatment, I had a very low opinion of Psychology in general, I thought it was all nonsense, to be honest.
I had weekly one hour sessions with Renata. They lasted for about 4 months I think. First of all she's an amazing listener, its hard to describe what she does, but she exudes empathy, shes instantly with you in whatever you're dealing with, almost like she's feeling it too. She's also incredibly smart and insightful, always showing you a different way to look at things that never even occurred to me, but then seemed obvious when she says it.
I can't imagine there's anyone who would not benefit from seeing Renata. She changed my outlook in such fundamental ways that I struggle to understand how I held some of the negatives beliefs I had 6 months ago.
She's a very dedicated professional and a wonderful person in general. I'll always be grateful for the help she's given me and I know I'll never forget her.
Thank you so much, Renata.
The clinic itself is grand, clean and comfortable as you'd expect.
Brian, Ireland
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Treatment Received: CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

 Still working on the various sides to tackle in the treatment.
I do see the various actions we are trying to do and what we are trying to achieve
I understand the slow process to "unpeal" the layers in order to have a better balance
Patience and trust in the process and therapist is key
Very good therapist I have to admit after two months. We still have work to do but as mention there is a nice clear explanation of the steps, and techniques. The therapist is not just listening but able to adjust the relationship when required which is perfect. sometimes I need the soft empathy, sometimes I need to be told what I am thinking is wrong.
Very flexible and accommodating as well which is important.

Christophe, Ireland
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Treatment Received: Psychotherapy

As a client of reborn psychotherapy for the last year I can honestly say it has helped me enormously. I feel like I am learning so much about myself and also feel I am slowly starting to come to terms with my past. I really enjoy going every week . The location is great and always has parking outside and renata the psychotherapist always has a warm welcoming smile for everyone . I highly recommend this therapist.
Sabrina, Ireland
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