Welcome on the journey that you had courage to take!

The reasons that influenced your decision of searching for psychotherapy are probably diverse in its dimensions and depth. These reasons are very important and the role of a therapist is facilitating the understanding and awareness of your inner world, healing, future development and psychological change in as much safe way as possible. Therefore let me introduce myself. I am graduated Psychologist (BA in Psychology, member of PSI) and qualified Psychotherapist (BA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, Prof. Dip. in Psych. and Couns., fully accredited member of IACP). My practise is placed on 318 North Circular Rd just beside st. Peter's Cathedral, North side of Dublin. I work with anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, PTSD, OCD, mood/personality disorders, CODs (co - occurring disorders), addictions and many more. I am a volunteer counselor with Dublin Simon Community where I have an opportunity and a privilege to become an emotional and psychological support for vulnerable and/or marginalize people.  You can read about my clients' experience of a therapy in the Testimonials section of this website.

My personal therapeutic style integrates various techniques from different theoretical backgrounds however my main core relates to the one of the most researched  therapeutic  approaches such as CBT, like also REBT and Schema Therapy with consistent humanistic fundamentals throughout a process. Furthermore I use; 

·         active but empathetic approach,

·         goal – directed dependently on an issue,

·         collaborative analysis and search for an understanding of a client psyche and life circumstances,

·         confidentiality,

·         open and safe space for exploration of a wide range of topics,

·         non-judgement and consistent support with encouragement in difficult moments,

·         constructive challenge,

·         an open mind and welcoming attitude to everything you bring into the session

My work style may include giving a homework that includes: mind exercises (cognitive – behavioral techniques, meditation), reading articles/books, recommendation of movies for a self-reflection practise, your writing (recommending keeping the notes), art techniques, questionnaires etc. All will be applied in your own peace, with no rush, with your collaboration and readiness for the next steps. The most important in all of that is your safety and comfort in the exploration of self and life you live on. 

Please note I work evenings from Monday till Friday 5pm - 8.30pm.

Choosing your own psychotherapist is very important. Relationship with your therapist is a key to your success. It is important for your therapy to feel connected with the therapist, to trust her/him, to feel safe within the space, to feel encouraged and empowered. Do not hesitate to raise the concerns, and also if you feel that therapy does not work for you please share it with your therapist. However remember, the therapy takes time, takes ups and downs, and includes difficult emotions that you might feel to avoid, but this is a part of the journey.

Hope I will have an opportunity to meet you and become a part of that journey - for bad and for good.
You come as a Client but we become a Team!
With warm wishes.